Dog days of Summer

I finally understand the “true” meaning of this statement.  Being the owner of 3 of the world’s laziest dogs has helped me to realize that “dog days” isn’t actually in reference to hot days but to the level of laziness your dogs can achieve in the hot summer months.  Sure, my husband and I aren’t completely innocent.  We don’t offer much exercise or physical interaction to these 3 mutts.  Mostly we encourage them to “sit” or “lay down” or “get on your bed” and more often then not we are feeding them some kind of treat they really don’t need.  But we do love these chunky, lazy little slobs.  Even if they don’t do anything, ever…

Nap time is always important for Lucy

Sam gets his tan on


I think I’ll roll over….


I can’t roll all the way over…

That was exhausting. I need a nap.

If you scroll really fast, the last 3 pictures almost appear to move but don’t be fooled – Frank does not move much.


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