Week’s recap

What a crazy week I just had.  And this week is reaching crazy status very quickly – and it’s only Tuesday!  First, I let everyone know that Moda is going to be distributing my patterns (Yeah!!).  I am so overwhelmed by all the kind words that everyone has said.  I have been working for over a year and it feels wonderful to be picked up by them.  This totally makes up for the ribbons and trophies that I didn’t win as a kid.  My athletic abilites, or lack there of, always prevented me from earning ribbons at field day or bringing home a trophy from a dance competition so I never knew what that moment felt like when you won something.  While this may not be considering “winning” by some people’s standards, it certainly is by mine!  I WON!!!  Ok moving on…

Last weekend I taught 3 classes in 4 days.  It was hectic and exhausting but pretty awesome too.  I have so much fun getting to know my students and see what they make from my patterns.  It’s just another rewarding part of my job.  I packed my summer full of classes knowing that some may be cancelled because, let’s face it, summer is for vacations and spending time with the family which I totally get.  I also knew that even if none of them were cancelled I was up for the challenge of teaching like crazy for 8 weeks.  It’s my favorite part of the business and until they kick me out of the shops I will always teach as much as I can.

In the midst of all this fun stuff there also comes the super fun times (insert sarcasm here) involved in renovating our house.  My dear, sweet, misguided husband thought that doing EVERYTHING at once was the best idea ever.  We wouldn’t need to do things twice or “make due” we could just do everything right the first time.  Good idea in theory.  I love him, a ton, but sometimes the urge to shake him repeatedly is so strong that I have to use self-control and step away, telling myself that he’s right (more or less).  I look forward to the day that my house is not in pieces anymore.  The day that I can shower without plastic separating me from the kitchen.  The day I can use an oven again and not microwave in the bedroom.  I’m holding it together and doing my best to run a business in the chaos of our dust-covered, sh** hole of a house.  Some days are harder than others.  This brings me to this week…. Eric has decided that since he is not using the large office in his garage that I can have it for my business.  It’s a 5 minute ride from the house, has AC and it’s very quiet.  I think I will like it there once I get settled.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  I can almost see it…


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