Weekly recap…

Another week has flown by.  Is it really the 2nd week of August?!  Where did time go???  In the VanDenburgh house time seems to be standing still, at least when it comes to home renovations.  The kitchen/living room is still a mess and my siding is not finished either.  I’m being patient or at least trying too.

I have been slowly moving things to my new “office” which is fun.  Eric has reluctantly generously given me his office space at the garage (although he keeps trying to charge me rent) and I’m trying to move things whenever I have a chance.  It was not easy to do that this weekend with 3 classes and a ton of work waiting for me at home.  Needless to say it is coming along slowly but surely.  I had this thought the other day (among so many others), what if I held private classes at my new space?  Granted it’s in a garage but I do have a door and cute little bathroom plus penty of parking.  When I’m all moved in it will look more like a studio and I guess we’ll see if classes are feasible.  Right now it looks like an episode of Hoarders.  Although so does my house….

My new studio – we’ll call this before, as in before I brought over a lot more stuff!

Another before

Another thing that has been keeping me busy this last week are all the new ideas I have been working on.  Sometimes my brain is so swollen with ideas that it hurts.  I have spent the past year showing quilters that bag making is not hard.  Some designers out there have (in my opinion) made bag making too complicated.  I’m not knocking these designers and their patterns because there are some wonderful ideas out there.  What I am saying is that making a bag shouldn’t be looked at as tedious or stressful in any way.  I love making quilts but honestly I don’t finish too many.  I realized years ago that I am a “topper”.  I make great tops but run out of time/energy/ambition to finish the quilt.  Making bags allows me do a few things: First and foremost I can finish them!  And in a timely manner – a few hours and I’m done.  They also let me relax.  I am very precise (some may say anal and borderline OCD) but I know that when I’m putting a bag together that I can let some of that go a little.  I can let my mind stop obessing over perfect seams and precision cutting.  I know that 1/4″ will not make a difference in the construction of my bag as it would if I had 12 quilt blocks that were all the wrong size.  Now that I have taught so many people how to make a bag in a simple way I am stepping it up.  No I’m not going to make ridiculously difficult bag patterns.  I am working on some zipper top bags, bags with gussets and more piecing.  I’m super excited to get these new samples made so I can get the patterns to quilt shops!  Pictures coming soon… Another new venture for me – fusible applique patterns!  I am so exicted to take my company into this new direction.  New for me, not so much for quilters.  I tried my first fusible applique pattern very early on in my quilting career and I was hooked.  I love how quickly they go together and the raw edges add another dimension.  I have always liked the look of needle turn applique but the time involved is too much for me.  I just don’t have the patience to do all the prep work.  Fusible on the other handtakes half the time.  I have a couple patterns that will hopefully be out this fall.


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