Weekly Recap and Adam Levine

So I guess technially since I haven’t blogged in over 2 weeks the title of this post should be “Oops, sorry I’m behind”.  I do have a good reason for being so absent though – I have been working on not only one new pattern but 4!  Yes that’s right, 4 new patterns.  My deadline?  September-ish.  I just love putting more stress on myself.  Between the house demolition, teaching like a mad woman and working fulltime I have no stress at all right now (insert sarcasm here).  Seriously though, I love what I do and making patterns makes me happy.  My good friend Jeannine of Nina Lemons (follow her blog!) and owner of J9 Design is helping me out so it isn’t too bad.  I mentioned in my last post a couple weeks back that I was trying to “step things up” a bit and that’s what I am doing.  This past weekend I made a sample of the new zipper top bag and I am in love!  I was asked a while back to make some zip top purses which I feel is way overdue anyway.  I was working on this “great” design but something wasn’t right.  It wasn’t looking “great”.  So I asked my husband for his input (Yes, you read that correctly).  He is actually really good at figuring out what isn’t working and more importantly what I don’t like.  So a few changes later and voila, a new bag.  And I must admit, it’s pretty freakin fabulous.  I can’t reveal too many details yet but I will post a picture soon (when I have a nice one to show).  The outside has some pockets and of course a simple to install zipper top.  Inside are more pockets – very important to have pockets to organize.  And the shape is different from my usual, simple rectangular bags, yet very easy to do.  I think this pattern is a winner and I hope you will too.  Next on my to do list is the JUMBO zip top bag that all of my students have been waiting for. 

I found out this week that there are many perks to having Moda Fabrics distribute my patterns.  I feel so naive sometimes, like I know absolutely nothing, but I have to come to realize that if you don’t know something, just ask.  And so I did.  I inquired with my contact at Moda about getting my hands on some of the newest fabrics they offer so I can make these great new bags in great new fabric.  And my wish was granted.  I should be receiving some very cool fabrics next week!  They have some great new lines coming out this fall and I am so excited to get my hands on them before they even go to the shops.  Another perk – after asking about the fabrics I was also told that I can send Moda my new patterns & samples to be displayed at Fall Market in Houston this October!!!  I will be sending samples with Pattern Peddlers as well so I will be at Market without actually being at Market.  It’s been a great week!!

And now on to much more important things: Adam Levine

Adam Levine – a man who’s voice and sheer sexiness can bring me to my knees.  I have been listening to a lot of Maroon 5 lately – One More Night is my favorite song of the moment.  I have been rocking out to their music while working on my new patterns and I think Adam Levine has stimulated my creativity immensely.   So why this rant about Adam Levine and Maroon 5?  No particular reason but I hope it made your day as much as it made mine to say Adam Levine’s name so many times.  On a final note, I don’t usually talk politics (it’s just not my style) but if Adam Levine ran for president I would definitely vote for him. 



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