To market, to market

Ok, I know, Fall Market is actually over.  It has been for a couple days now.  A day late and dollar short…story of my life.  Anyway, I did want to recap Fall Market for anyone who hasn’t been keeping up on it.  I was not able to attend but hopefully next year I will be there.  My bags however did get to go and now I am being flooded with order requests – woo hoo!!  Looks like I will be folding  A LOT of patterns but I’m not complaining.  I saw this photo posted on Moda’s Facebook page and I think my heart actually stopped for a minute:

“Having a hard time getting the United Notions both set up with all these adorable new patterns to distract me!!! This Getaway Tote from Sew Many Creations is my fav so far”

It’s an amazing feeling to see that your work is appreciated and that someone out there loves what you do as much as you love it.  On a side note: I never snapped a picture of this bag with the Flower Shop Dahlia before it was shipped off so I’m super happy that Moda did for me!  Now I will just be anxiously awaiting to receive my bags and other items back.  I kind of miss them all. 

If you are a quilter and not yet follwoing Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts I would highly receommend that you do.  She is a crazy talented young quilt designer who  writes easy patterns for beginners to experienced quilters.  She has a great blog too with lots of tutorials.  She recently published her first book (I bought a signed copy) and came out with this AWESOME new ruler the Hex N More.  What an amazing ruler!  I am kind of a gadget geek and I love rulers most of all but the frugal cheap side of me hates buying something that I will use one time and never touch again.  I have a few pairs of legwarmers that prove that point very well (Thanks winter 2011 and your useless trends).  When I saw this ruler I thought to myself ” I have to have that!”  And I am so glad that I bought it.  This ruler is the best $24.95 I have ever spent especially considering I am on a hexagon quilting phase.  I have grown very fond of grandmother’s flower garden quilts but English paper piecing is not my cup of tea.  I much prefer machine piecing.  And so this is what I have done so far with my Hex N More ruler:

Some small half-hexagons from left over jelly roll strips – no pattern, just the ruler!

My layer cake hexagon quilt. All made from one layer cake and 1 yard for the border with just the ruler. The picture is awful! Sorry 😦

I have also been playing with the triangles and diamond shapes that the ruler makes and will have some more pictures to post soon.  I’ve been taking a little break from bag making to get back into quilting and just having a blast playing with some new patterns and rulers.  I have a few new ideas for my own business for 2013 – lots of new ideas to get on paper!

That’s a wrap for now.  This year for Halloween Sam decided to dress up as a lazy mutt.  How do you think he did?

Happy Halloween!!