Flying by

Is it just me or is summer flying by way to fast this year?  My birthday is in early June and that always feels like my official start to summer.  Next this I know we’re closing in on the end of July?  What??!?!?  Where is summer going?  Some exciting things have been happening so summer hasn’t been a total bust.

After a long wait and even longer application process, I received my acceptance letter from the Quilt Market Screening Committee.  Can you believe that there is an entire committee dedicated to screening applications for market?  I guess it keeps the riff raff out and only allows qualified vendors in but it was a pain in the a@@!  Recommendation letters, invoices, samples, the list goes on and on.  but who cares because I GOT IN!  Now I just need to start making a million new samples, designing my booth, writing patterns and preparing Eric (my dear, “sweet” Eric) for the drive to Pittsburgh which will be immediately followed by hours, possibly days, of setting up.  Anyone want to tell him for me? 🙂

I was lucky enough to teach again at the Adirondack Quilt Camp this June.  I always have so much fun in Long Lake.  Everyone there has this laid back, casual, go-with-the-flow attitude and it just makes the week so much more fun.  My students were so great and everyone left happy.  I even got a few hugs goodbye!  After quilt camp I was home for a few days and then off to Pennsylvania for the annual Knoebels trip with my family.  I have been going there since I was 5 years old and I never get sick of it.  I have come to realize that it is truly my happy place.  I have wonderful memories from the years of spending the week with all of my extended family and most importantly my grandparents.  Unfortunately they aren’t here anymore so I am glad that I was able to spend all those summers vacationing with them.  I still think of them while we’re walking around the park or eating chicken fingers in the food court (grandma’s favorite).  It’s the little things that stick in your head.

The rest of this summer will be spent sewing, working and maybe getting a tan (my pasty white freckled Irish skin could use one!!)  And here is how the dogs will be spending their summer:

What you can’t see in this picture is Frank passed out on the floor snoring and Lucy sound asleep in our bed.  Sam was the only one close enough for me to snap a pic.  I want to come back in my next life as a dog 🙂


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