New Quilt Patterns for 2013 Fall Market

Sometimes I feel like it takes way too long to get things done.  These 4 patterns are no exception. Neither is this blog post.  If I was able to move my fingers as fast as my mouth I would have 10 new patterns right now.  Or 20 even.  I would kill for a few more hours in the day. Or an assistant. Seriosuly, anyone looking for a job? The pay is terrible but the boss is pretty awesome. Anyway, as we’ve always been told good things take time so after many, many, MANY months I am finally ready to show these bad boys off.  In no particular order….

SMC801 Ripple Quilt Cover

Ripple uses 1/3 yard cuts and an easy technique to create strippy HST units.  It’s pretty quick and beginner friendly as most of my patterns are. It leaves some room to show off your FMQ skills too.

SMC802 Shuffle Quilt Cover

Shuffle is awesome because it looks way more complicated than it is. It uses a layer cake and makes a nice size quilt. I’m not usually a fan of sashing but these blocks needed some definition and I’m so happy with the results.

SMC803 Intertwined Quilt Cover

I love Intertwined so very much, mostly because it’s done. I started it over a year ago and as with everything else in my life, put it aside when better things came along. But I really love this quilt because of how fast it goes together. I finished a top in about 4 or 5 hours. It may have been quicker if I wasn’t so distracted….

SMC804 Sequence Quilt Cover

Last but certainly not least is Sequence. The cover photo is my husband’s quilt, or at least that what he says. It’s layer cake or jelly roll friendly. Right now I’m working on a new one using Hoffman batiks that have been sitting on my sewing table for weeks, calling my name. Stay tuned.


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