I’m not going to market, waaaaa

Yes, market is this week and I’m not going.  Boo hoo.  Waaaaaa.  I’m whining, a little.  I went to spring market in Portland and had so much fun that I want to go back again and again.  Ok time to move on.  I may not be going to market but my quilts are (and many bags too!)  Here are the quilts that Moda will have in their booth.  All photos were taken on my anniversary with my 2 trusty sidekicks, Eric & Sam.  It was an interesting day to say the least…


This is Shuffle made using Little Black Dress 2 by Basic Grey. I love how this one came out and the picture is all Eric. He found this great fallen tree to use for our backdrop.


Next is Sequence which uses Wishes by Sweetwater. The first version I made of this quilt was so different and I’m thrilled with how this looks.


Last but not least is Intertwined in Daydream by Kate Spain. I will admit, this quilt has become one of my absolute all time favorites. I can’t wait to get it back so I can look at again. Weird? Yeah a little but that’s what I do…

All quilts were made using precuts, layer cakes & jelly rolls, and the fabulous quilting is by the one and only Nicole Maroon. Her work makes my work really work. Catch my drift? All quilters who don’t finish their own quilting (such as myself) need to find a great long arm quilter like Nikki. Just saying…

Law & Order SVU starts soon so I must jet 🙂


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