Market prep is in full swing

It’s been about 8 months since I returned from Portland with this crazy notion that I would have a booth in the Pittsburgh market in 2014. I have spent the months since then thinking about nothing but market – what would my booth look like? Could I afford it? How would I get there? Who would watch the dogs? I became obsessive about looking at pictures that I took and researching what other people had done to make their booths stand out. You could say I became a market stalker. I didn’t want to forgot one single memory so that I would be fully prepared for the next year. Well, now that “next year” is this year, I am becoming more obsessive with the whole idea. The paperwork has been sent, the booth paid for and arrangements have been made for travel, set up and most importantly the dogs. Sam the holy terror will be travelling with us. Watch out Pittsburgh…

When I returned last May I set a goal for myself – I wanted to bring new patterns with me to Pittsburgh. After all this would be my first market and in the VanDenburgh house our motto is go big or go home. Well, it’s more Eric’s motto but I get roped in sometimes. So I set a goal of 12 new patterns. What am I nuts? 12 brand new patterns in less than a year? Yes. I am nuts. Crazy. Off my rocker. But hey guess what? I’m almost there. Last night I finished 7 & 8. I thought I would share them over the next few weeks.

First one up is called Stacked. Last July while camping with my family I was doodling (as usual) and drew this simple little block. Months later I thought I’d try it out in EQ to see what it would look like in color and BAM! I loved it. So the next question became, what fabrics would I use? I have been hoarding Joel Dewberry prints since I began quilting 8 years ago. My favorites are the Aviary 2 & Heirloom collections so it only seemed right. For the background I wanted a white but not solid. I had this great pearlized white fabric that I thought would be the perfect background for my purples, teals and greens. And this is what I made:


Here’s a cool batik version using Timeless Treasures. It reminds me of Arizona. I’ve never been, but this is what I imagine Arizona looks like:

Stacked Boysenberry

Next up: Floor Tiles, my bathroom inspired quilt pattern.

Happy Sewing!


2 thoughts on “Market prep is in full swing

  1. Carol says:

    Jess…..I love this new pattern!! The colors are great in both versions!! I’m going to try and make it to your shop this Sat. but we’ll be at the quilt retreat so we’ll see what happens.

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