Floor Tiles Quilt

I have decided that every week for the next couple of months I will tell the story of one of my quilt designs and how it came to be. Its my way of giving you a behind the scenes view. Its also the only way that I will ever remember where my inspiration came from years from now when I have completely lost my marbles.

One of my newest quilt designs, Floor Tiles, was inspired by….well…..floor tiles. Last October I attended the Champlain Valley Quilters Guild quilt show in Plattsburgh, NY. Before the show started I had to use the restroom (TMI?) and I noticed that the floor tiles were simple squares and rectangles arranged in a simple design that would make a perfect quilt. It seemed like an easy enough design to duplicate so I snapped a few pictures and went to my sketch book. I love that the simplicity of the quilt design allows the fabrics to really shine. Below are a few pics of the cover quilt and some EQ designs. This super simple quilt top can be done in a weekend – perfect for a last minute gift or baby shower – because we all wait until the last minute to make gifts, right? 🙂

2014-01-10 12.05.09

Sam approved of the Moda PB&J top:

floor tiles

Here’s a batik version from Timeless Treasures:

Floor Tiles Harvest

I love this Christmas version using Andover Fabrics Cool Yule:

Floor Tiles Cool Yule

And one last Christmas quilt. This one features Scandi from Andover Fabrics:

Floor Tiles Scandi

Happy Sewing 🙂


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