Ripple – the quilt that almost wasn’t

Did you ever have such a great idea that you think to yourself, there’s no way this won’t work? This will be epic! What a brilliant idea!!! Well I had one of those moments a year ago and when I say epic, it was. An epic failure anyway. I got the great idea that I would take a break from bags and start working on some quilt patterns. I had this beautiful Art Gallery fabric in navy, white and chartreuse and I instantly saw this idea in my head of a chevron quilt for my first pattern. Now I know, chevron quilts are popular and last year were even more popular so the idea itself wasn’t anything new. But the way I would make it would be different – it would be strip pieced with lots of negative space for quilting. So I sat at the machine and made my blocks. They came out so great that I even asked my friend Nikki ( to quilt it when I was done. I’m very ambitious like that. Due to other obligations (and the fact that I procrastinate like it’s my job) I set the blocks aside for a while and didn’t actually make that top. Ok, now comes the fun part – weeks later when I finally sat down to sew the blocks together……they didn’t work. (Cue the music…wah wah wah….) Because of the angle of the strips they only lined up when sewn together one way but not the other way. My chevron idea was ruined. Could I have fixed it? Absolutely. Would it make for a nightmare pattern? Absolutely. I have become known for being easy (hey, watch it) as far as patterns are concerned. I have spent years showing people that sewing is easy, bags are easy, quilting is EASY. I couldn’t write a pattern that would make people crazy. Crazy people aren’t fun. Crazy people will email me relentlessly and tell me that I wrote a terrible pattern that made them crazy. No crazy people. So it was back to the drawing board. I had blocks to use and I refused to make any more. What could I do with them that no one had done before? I played with layouts, even enlisted the “help” (I use that term loosely) of my sister and mother (non-quilters, non-creative). And low and behold, Ripple was born. Prior to this quilt design I had taken a picture and sent it to my husband who LOVED the chevron quilt. I remember when I showed him the Ripple design his response was kind of bleh. He just said “I liked it better the other way”. He has since come around. I don’t have any of those early layout pics but I do have some great Ripple pics to share below.

It’s still weird to think how a great idea became a dud and then somehow turned into my best selling quilt pattern. That is something I never would have predicted. This is why I love what I do 🙂

Happy Sewing!

SMC801 Ripple Quilt Cover


Adobe Photoshop PDF

Ripple Modern Folkloric


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