Vermont Quilt Festival & Adirondack Quilt Camp

I would say that I have always been the ambitious type from a very young age.  Always taking on more than I think I can handle.  Always pushing myself to do more and accomplish more.  It’s just the way my mind works.  Owning a business is no different – I always want more.  I think that’s what keeps me going even when life gets a little rough.  Enough is never enough.  I married a man who thinks the same way too.  One truck isn’t enough for him.  He wants ALL the trucks and a repair shop and a full time job! Hey let’s demo the house!  And get another dog too!!  Maybe we’re a little more off than on but that’s what we do.  So it was no surprise to me that when I received an email from the Vermont Quilt Festival telling me they had a booth space for me, Eric’s response was “Just say yes!  We can figure out the details later”.  And so I did.  I wrote back immediately and said sign me up!  What I knew in the back of my mind though was that I had already booked something else that would be overlapping those same dates.  Oops. So here’s my week long adventure…..

The week started for me Wednesday afternoon.  I packed my car, leaving barely enough room for myself.  Good thing I decided to take the trip alone since a passenger would have meant leaving something behind.  I left early Thursday morning and headed off for my 3 hour trip to Vermont.  It was a beautiful trip and the 3 hours flew by since I knew what was ahead of me – set up (Blah).  I got to the convention center and started unpacking.  This is my least favorite part – sweating, heavy breathing and hauling loads of stuff inside while trying to stay out of everyone else’s way.  Does this sound appealing to you?  Didn’t think so.  I got the booth set up in record time – 3.5 hours from start to finish.  Not bad.  And I didn’t forget anything but that doesn’t mean there were no speed bumps.  I brought new pegboards and my pegs didn’t fit (doh!).  I ran out of baskets and I glued half my signs together upside down.  Nothing major really – all fixable.  One of the things that you always hope for at a show is that you get good neighbors.  I have had my fair share of rude neighbors.  But not this time.  I totally lucked out – my neighbors on each side were amazing.  They gave me information about upcoming shows, offered to cover for bathroom breaks and were just great to have around.  The show was a success and the next 3 days flew by.  Before I knew it, it was Sunday and time to pack up.  I ran into some friends who were stuck waiting for their quilts and offered to help me tear down my booth and take some of the stuff I didn’t need home.  I have the BEST friends!  After we took everything down and packed up I headed off to Long Lake.

VQF Booth 2 VQF Booth 1

During VQF I ran into a couple of ladies who also teach at the Adirondack Quilt Camp.  They gave me some great directions to get to the ferry and head to Long Lake that wouldn’t require me to drive completely out of my way.  After arguing with the GPS in my car I made it to the ferry or what I like to call the longest 13 minutes of my life.  I felt like I was going to hurl from the second we started moving.  Thankfully it was it short or I may have jumped ship.  On my way to Long Lake I realized something about the beautiful state I live in – Everything that far north looks EXACTLY the same.  A road, a lake and lot of trees.  I drove for 2 hours and was convinced that I was never getting to the hotel.  It was like being trapped in a Steven King novel or Ground Hog’s Day. The movie reel was on repeat for miles.  Needless to say I made it.  Seeing the bridge and beach in Long Lake was the best feeling ever.  I crashed in my hotel room by 8:30 pm and tried to be prepared for my 3 days of teaching.  I was up and ready to leave by 7:15 to set up my room.  Coming in a day late made it a little bit of a challenge and definitely made me more tired but it’s what I do so I just kept on plugging away.  After class the best part of Long Lake is hanging with my local shop friends at dinner.  I never laugh that hard at home!  We had 2 nights of laughter and fun and good food.  Don’t get me wrong – my students are fabulous too.  I’ve been teaching here for 4 years now and seeing these women year after year is so awesome.  I get lots of hugs and they bring projects in to show me what they’ve finished since the last summer.  As a teacher, there is no greater reward than feeling like you’ve made a difference in someone’s life.  It might just be quilting to some but to me its so much more.  It’s the opportunity to share what I love and what someone discover that they can do it too.

Day 1: Square Root

image2 image3 image1

Day 2: Upstate (And a crazy bunch of ladies! lol)


Day 3: Intertwined and show & tell

image7 image6 image5


Heading home Wednesday night, after being gone for a week, I couldn’t wait to get home. I missed Eric and the dogs so much more than ever before.  I was so happy to be home and see 3 wagging tails and that big smile on Eric’s face.  Its nice to be loved and so great to be missed.

I’m off to the studio now.  Time to get back to my normal routine….

Happy Sewing!



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