Prima Diva Sew Along Day 1 – Intro


First, let me say thank you to everyone who has decided to participate in the Prima Diva Sew Along!  This is my first sew along so I’m super excited and I hope you are too!  I did however plan this at a bad time of the year for me since I am leaving for Quilt Market followed by Quilt Festival on October 22 for 12 days. That won’t stop me though!  We might have some extra time in between posts though so please bear with me 🙂

I will be posting pics on my Instagram and Facebook page and blogging here as we go along.  These posts will stay up so if you miss anything you can always go back later!

There are no official rules – this is just for fun!  But here are a few things to keep in mind:

1.My goal for this sew along is to walk you through the pattern by giving helpful hints & tips as we go.  Please feel free to ask questions – no question is stupid and remember, someone else is probably wondering the same thing.

2.Post your progress pictures as we go along on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #primadivasewalong. You can also use #primadivawallet #primadivaclutch and feel free to tag me!

3. Be kind!  Everyone sews at different skill levels and makes different fabric choices.  No negative comments please!  Let’s encourage each other instead.  And please remember that I’m not perfect either.  The pattern has been tested but sometimes mistakes get by.  I am only human.


First things first you will need to get your pattern and supplies together.  The pattern is available on my website under the patterns page or Diva page as well as my Etsy page.  I have it listed as an Instant Download on Etsy and a PDF (emailed) on my website.  I am happy to mail a hard copy (US only) if you order off the website.  Please just add a note to seller!  Frames are also available in Silver, Gunmetal & Antique Brass.  This pattern uses ONLY the 7 1/2″ frame.

Let’s talk supplies now!

After you order your pattern please go ahead and get your cutting done as per Page 1 of the pattern.  I recommend labeling your pieces too – there are a lot of pieces to this wallet so labeling them will make much easier.   You will also want to fuse your Pellon Decor Bond to the pieces that need interfacing.  This is my interfacing of choice and I use it for all my bags. If you haven’t worked with a fusible before, here are a few tips for you:

Always press from the fabric side first.  If you press from the interfacing side it can leave wrinkles and sometimes (depending on how hot your iron is) it can wrinkle.  I use an extremely hot iron with steam and I try to iron on the back only if necessary.


This pattern works best with non-directional fabrics.  We will be turning and sewing the pockets down in a way that works best with fabrics that can go in any direction.  As you can see below I didn’t follow my own advice and now my little deer is upside down!  Oops…  I did however make the outside with the same directional fabric and just added an extra seam – these measurements are included in the pattern as well.


For the front band I added some Renaissance Ribbon for decoration.  They have a great selection at Hawthorne Threads.  You can add anything you like to the band which is decorative and functional (it helps to hold the frame on better!)


Clover Wonder Clips are so helpful when making this wallet and other bags too.  If you haven’t tried them out you should!  They’re much better than pins at holding your pieces in place.


That’s it for now.  Grab your pattern & supplies and get ready to start making your wallet next week.  Show us your fabric choices too!  #primadivasewalong #primadivawallet #primadivaclutch

If you have any questions or comments that you would like to discuss privately you can always email me –




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