jewel strap anchor tutorial

I have really been loving the look of adding purse hardware to my bags.  One of the newest items available on the website are the Jewel Strap Anchors.  I added them to a Cailey Handbag (pattern coming this summer!) for my booth at quilt market where I debuted my first fabric line Gypsy.  Follow below for step by step instructions!

First you’ll need to gather some tools: Your Jewel Anchors which come in a pack of 4 in 3 different finishes, a seam ripper, tweezers, glue, a pen or pencil and a ruler.



Before marking or attaching the anchors you will need to remove the protective plastic wrap.  I have found that by using my scalpel seam ripper and tweezers that I can get the plastic off.  I run my seam ripper against the hardware as shown below to score the plastic then pull it off with the tweezers.


On the back side of the bag front (fusible fleece side up) find the center and mark. Next draw a line horizontally 2″ down from the top. Measure out 2.5″ on either side of the center and draw a line – the lines will be 5″ apart.  Note: If you are using these on a bag that does not have fusible fleece I would recommend adding a layer of fleece even if it’s just behind the anchors.  The weight of the bag is supported by these so you don’t want to tear the fabric.


Place two washers as shown 3/8″ apart. Mark inside each washer on the 3rd notch from each end with a pen or pencil.  Repeat on opposite side.


Using your seam ripper, cut out each mark from the back through to the front. The back of the hardware has 4 prongs to attach to the washers so be sure to cut the slits large enough for the prongs to fit.


I like to add some glue to the back of the hardware for extra durability. My glue of choice is Gutermann HT2 but you can also use E6000. You want a strong, fast drying, metal to fabric compatible glue.



Before adding the washer I use a small scrap of interfacing or fleece to add some extra cushion.  Next add the washer and fold the prongs onto each other.  Repeat with all 4 anchors.  Sew the handles on, as directed in the pattern, by looping through the anchor, folding the edge under and stitching in place.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. All hardware, glue and scissors can be found on the website!



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