Creative Spaces Blog Hop Week 2 : My Favorite Tools


Welcome to Week 2 – My favorite Tools

As a bag maker & quilter I have a lot of go to tools.  The favorites that I can’t live without and feel make my work easier, better and more efficient.  Most of the tools that I’ll share today I use for bag making but that doesn’t mean you won’t find a use for them in other applications!


First up are the most important tools for me – my rotary cutter & scissors.  I use them each and every day no matter the project and would be completely lost without them.  My favorite rotary cutter is the Olfa Splash 45mm.  Yes I have one in each of the fun colors (Aqua, Pink & Purple).  Does the color make a difference to my cutting?  No, but it’s awfully cute and pretty to look at!  Plus I can see it much more easily.  The reason I love this one so much is the not only does it have a super easy quick change blade but it’s also made for right & left hand cutting.  I can cut with both hands (it’s the only super power I currently have) so I love that about this cutter.


Scissors are just as important to what we do as anything else.  When it comes to bag making you need a pair of sharp, study scissors that can cut multiple layers cleanly and efficiently.  I discovered Kai scissors a few years ago and haven’t used another pair since. I bring these to classes with me and my students are always amazed by how great they cut.  They have a comfy handle grip and nice weight as well.  I do sell these on my website if you’d like to check them out for yourself.

IMG_4734 - Copy

Next up is my absolute favorite, can’t go on living if I lose it tool – The Alex Anderson 4-in-1 tool.  I call this my corner turning tool because I cannot turn a flap or poke out a corner without this!  On one end is the poking tool which also hides a stiletto underneath.  On the opposite side is a wood iron great for paper piecing and a seam ripper.  Now not all of them are as unique as mine.  It was chewed by my sweet little Zoey to remind me how much she loves me.  Aren’t puppies great?



This is the culprit above who ate my 4-in-1 tool…..

IMG_4741 - Copy

I think I have said at lest 100 times, how did I live without binding clips??  Seriously these little clips are an absolute game changer when it comes to bag making.  No more poking myself with pins.  No more bent pins from trying to hold too many layers.  I personally love the Klip It style the best.  I like the size and strength and they’re purple 🙂


One of the most frustrating things in dealing with bag hardware is dealing with itty bitty screws.  That’s why I am never without my magnetic Diva wallet screwdriver.  I’ve been using and selling these for a few years and I LOVE mine.  Perfect for small screws.  Tip: If yours loses it magnetism (is that the correct use of that word?) or if you have one that isn’t magnetic, place it in a magnetic pin dish and voila!  Magnetic screwdriver!


Are you zipper phobic?  If so you want to sit down for this one….  That’s right, I’m talking about zippers next.  As a teacher of bag making I find that so many quilters and sewists are absolutely terrified of putting in a zipper.  A recent student of mine said that she blames 8th grade home ec for that. She’s probably right.  I have many easy techniques for putting in zippers and most of them use this simple, easy product: fusible           double-sided 1/4″ wide tape.  Game.  Changer.  Check out the video that I linked on my website to see some tips on using this awesome product!


Last but not least is my favorite glue – Gutermann HT2.  It’s an awesome metal to fabric compatible glue that is wonderful for hardware of any kind – wallet frames, loose screws, twist locks.  I’ve even fixed my shoes with it!  What I love about this one is not only it’s strength and durability but that it has a fine tip and doesn’t glue itself to the cap like some competitors can do.  If you make bags of any kind you should definitely check this out.


I hope you enjoyed this post.  Feel free to comment with any questions you’d like me to answer about my favorite tools.  Let me know what your favorites are too!

Happy Sewing! 🙂



















20 thoughts on “Creative Spaces Blog Hop Week 2 : My Favorite Tools

  1. lindanelsonfilek says:

    My Alex Anderson 4 in 1 tool is my absolute favourite of all time! I’ve never seen anyone else talk about it. I’d be lost without it. I primarily use the stiletto. Mine looks a little less worn than yours. Don’t you just love dogs! He probably thought if you weren’t so busy with that stick you would have more time to pet him 😊

    • straightstitches says:

      It’s an amazing tool and I’m also surprised that I don’t hear about it much. I definitely couldn’t live without it!

  2. Lj Meyers says:

    Yes, I enjoyed hearing about your favorite tools. You are the 2nd person to talk about Kai scissors so I’m sure I’ll check them out. Also, that Gutermann glue is one I’ve never used but will definitely try. Thanks for all the great tool ideas.

  3. Your 4 in 1 tool is neat. I need to get one sometime. And thanks for the tip about the Gutermann glue. Finding a good glue for metal on various other surfaces is not easy, probably because metal isn’t porous.

    • straightstitches says:

      I have one of those too and love it! If I wrote a post about ALL the things I love it would go on for days lol!

  4. tamarinis says:

    Thanks for insights into some great tools. On my must check-it-out list: Kai scissors and the Gutterman glue!

  5. Susan Shaw says:

    Thanks for your post on your favorite “gadgets.” It’s nice to see reminders of things I have and could use more and intro to new to me products. Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  6. EllenB says:

    I hadn’t really looked at the 4-in-1 tool, but it seems to be handier to have those tools in one place. I may have to get one! I love lint rollers for the sewing room and to take to retreat – those common ironing boards at retreats can get pretty “hairy”!

  7. susanmp14 says:

    I’m very interested in a few of your tools. Such helpful info, however, you’ve mentioned your website several times, but I don’t see a link nor the name. Could you provide one? I must be blind.

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