good vibes only tour & central park sling

Good morning!  It’s my turn on the Good Vibes Only Fabric tour and I’m so excited to show you what I made.  I might be a little biased but I happen to think that my good friend Shayla is an amazingly talented designer (and one of the best humans I know!) but friends are allowed to feel that way right?!  And look at these words!!!  Who wouldn’t want to create something with these fabrics, am I right??

When I was invited to join the tour I didn’t hesitate for a moment in saying yes.  I had no idea what I wanted to make but I knew the fabric would be epic.  Here’s a little history on the bags I made…..


As many of you may know I have a real passion for bags.  I have been designing purse, tote and bag patterns since 2011 and sewing them since around 2005/2006.  It’s crazy to think that my business has grown so much in these years from my first amateur attempts at bag making to now turning my passion into a pattern business that also includes supplies like cork, hardware and zippers.  Crazy!  I will admit that I looked at the beautiful pile of Good Vibes Only fabric for quite some time before I could choose a project.

And then it hit me – The Central Park Sling is the bag I need to make!  Here’s some history on this bag:  Originally designed in 2013, this pattern was made for an upcoming guild event I had where they asked me to design something new for them.  I don’t often do that but it had been close to a year since I had made a new bag pattern (I was focused on quilts for most of 2012).  I came up with this great crossbody bag that was perfect for everyday and travel.  The pattern was a great seller for several years until other, newer patterns began to over shadow it (that’s very common).  So on the back burner it went until this past March.  A student and friend of mine mentioned that was she was making a bunch for gifts and looking at the pattern cover I cringed a little.  No it wasn’t bad at all but my style has evolved so much over the years.  I knew it needed a face lift.  And some additions added for things like cork and alternative hardware.  So I reworked the pattern (no changes, just better format), updated the cover and tried it out of cork.  Voila!  It’s like new again!  Think of it like a digitally remastered version of the Wizard of Oz – Same great movie, better quality!

Here are the two gorgeous bags I made with the Good Vibes Only fabric – which is your favorite?


A couple of tips /notes for you too (because I had to make it educational!)

For the black version I switched the zippered pocket piece (from C to E) to add some contrast around the zipper opening.  This is a great way to get a faux piping look on your pocket.  On the white version I used contrasting thread for my topstitching.  Both of these are great ways to add a little extra detail with minimal effort.  My rule of thumb for contrast stitching is this: Have I had enough coffee today to sew a nice straight line?  If not, no contrasting thread lol.


Faux piping by just switching the pocket to a contrasting color? Absolutely!


Contrasting thread for the win!

I also wanted to experiment with removing the swivel hook from the front of the bag.  Originally the pattern was written this way to help with the installation of the adjustable strap.  It’s a little easier to attach the strap via hook when the bag is done.  But what if I don’t have a swivel hook and just a slide set?  Below are some pics to make those adjustments too.  And the top portion was made with a 9″ x 12″ piece of cork – what a great way to play with cork!!


If skipping the swivel you will make the tab as directed, add the slide as instructed and then add the tab to the long handle in place of the swivel.



Add tab and strap to top pieces as pattern directs making sure not to twist the handle, especially during assembly. I like to check and check again to be sure!

I also added Handmade tags to my bags – Here’s a very simple tutorial at the end for that too!  I use the washer to make my marks and my seam ripper to make the slits. Finish the outside pocket completely, including topstitching, and remember to cut through the front only.  The washer is now inside the pocket (on the interfacing) so you will not see when the bag is complete.  Fold the prongs over on top of each other


Mark slits using washer.


Cut with seam ripper through front only.  Be careful and cut away from topstitching.



View from inside the pocket.


And just because…. here’s a pic of the all cork version I also made!  Thanks to my model Haley!  The entire outside was made from 2 pieces of cork – an 18×27 and a 9×12, including the strap!


Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you enjoyed these tips and my Good Vibes Only projects!

Happy Sewing,




20 thoughts on “good vibes only tour & central park sling

  1. Cecilia Young says:

    All three are cute, but I love the cork bag the most! Between the first 2, I like the version with the purple straps. Thanks for sharing your beautiful bags with us.

  2. Lori Smanski says:

    these fabrics are wonderful. and i love your bags. great use of these fabrics
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

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